Fargo Junk Market History

Junk Market started in the Spring of 2012 in the middle of the Eco Chic Boutique parking lot. As the store was becoming a hot spot for repurposed furniture, individuals would come by wanting to sell their craft. Not able to carry it all in the store, owner Maria Bosak wanted to create an event where these artists could share their craft with the public. To give DIYers a place to sell, to give the community a place to shop salvaged goods, and to save Eco Chic from financial fears- Junk Market was born. After the first one, came a second, a third… and have just celebrated our 13th Junk Market! What was once a hopeful day in our store’s parking lot has now evolved into a 100+ vendor show and semi-annual event at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. Bringing you local vendors selling you their craft, just as we hoped they would. Shop unique, handmade, salvaged, repurposed goods while supporting the artists who created them.

If you have ever attended Junk Market, you have contributed to improving our lives and the lives of all the amazing vendors who work tirelessly to bring you this unique and fun shopping experience. Thank you.

 For the whole story on the creation of Junk Market, click here.